Faster or slower

Speed up or slow down your animation


Change the number of frames displayed every second (fps).

It is also possible to duplicate frames in the thumbnail editor to slow down animation.

splash dslr control

splash webcams

Created with Stop Motion Pro

Italian job thumb

Classic re-imagined

Tiziano and Giovanna thumb

Tiziano and Giovanna

chewie thumb

I dream of... Chewie?

Windows 10 thumb

Good news


Ceramic puppets

jpl thumb

French studio JPL

Charlotte Blacker thumb

A wooly crab!

Lee Barber

Lee Barber

husk thumb

Shooting in the streets

Palestine Red Crescent Society

Teaching sign language

aardman wandg

Wallace and Gromit

marionette thumb


Flynn Brothers thumb

Animation duo to watch!

Chris Randall Globbert

iPhone and iPad game

AUB thumb

Diverse bold images

Emily Wong interview

Delightful characters