Removing rigs

 Remove wires and supports

All done in Eclipse and Eclipse SD.  No other software required.  This exciting tool is fantastic for flying effects and all sorts of uses!

Remember to capture a clean "background plate" frame that you use when erasing the rigs.

splash dslr control

splash webcams

Created with Stop Motion Pro

Beko thumb

Clay and corporations

paint thumb

Amazing paint-on-glass


Ceramic puppets

Palestine Red Crescent Society

Teaching sign language

AUB thumb

Diverse bold images

River of snot.  What?

Snot.  A river of snot

chewie thumb

I dream of... Chewie?

Kain thumbnail

Charcoal and paper

60 40 thumb

Dedicated ninjas

Charlotte Blacker thumb

A wooly crab!

beckgreen thumb

Bec Green, director

jacob thumb

Pet groomer by day...

Pos eso thumb

On the set at "Pos eso"

Kris thumb

Tiny, tiny details...

Windows 10 thumb

Good news

aardman wandg

Wallace and Gromit