Installing Eclipse

Note the free trial does not need to be unlocked, just installed.  
Other scenarios:

If the computer running Eclipse/ Eclipse SD is not connected to the internet you should purchase a non-subscription license.


To unlock a computer that is not connected to the internet follow the steps here.

splash dslr control

splash webcams

Created with Stop Motion Pro

Windows 10 thumb

Good news

Beko thumb

Clay and corporations

Kain thumbnail

Charcoal and paper

beckgreen thumb

Bec Green, director

marionette thumb


Emily Wong interview

Delightful characters

Charlotte Blacker thumb

A wooly crab!

paint thumb

Amazing paint-on-glass

Orla thumb

Magic music video

michelle williamson thumb

Amazing filmmaker

Italian job thumb

Classic re-imagined

River of snot.  What?

Snot.  A river of snot

Flynn Brothers thumb

Animation duo to watch!


Ceramic puppets

Lee Barber

Lee Barber

husk thumb

Shooting in the streets