new updates from animation studios...

Updates from studios...

It's with great interest we hear news about projects in development using Stop Motion Pro.  Tell us about yours!  


Bleeding Art Industries


Bleeding Art Industries film clip for "The Arrogant Worms" song "River of snot", is shaping up to be a colossal, gross display of booger juice.  See some behind the scenes shot here:

Visit Bleeding Art Industries facebook page to see some of their other work modeling chicken poo, mechatronic bears and creature effects.





Ernest Egg

We are following the progress of Ernest Egg, a charming if simple explorer.  If funding is successful, they will make a stop motion film via Indegogo.


Check out the delightful character designs!

Davide, from Coffee Tree Studio says: 

"The Ernest Egg project is mainly inspired by great adventure writers such as Jules Verne and Jack London and by Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s dreamy movie "Amélie", Ernest Egg’s all about travel and discovery, play and adventure, the fundamental archetypes of human consciousness. The stories will lay before the readers' eyes in a very familiar yet fantastic, timeless fashion. The project’s concept has been thought out in such a way that it can be enjoyed by everyone – both children and adults – who looks at life in a playful and ironic way."




Hunting of the Snark 

Saranne Bensusan gave us an update on the production:
The Hunting of the Snark, a stop frame animated feature film directed by Saranne Bensusan has moved into post production. At the moment the team is working on syncing up the voices to the action on screen and adding in foley. In the next week or so it will go the team’s Texas based composer, Guthrie Lowe, who can begin working on the score. The next stage is the chromakeying, adding digital special effects, and a 5.1 sound edit. It is on track to go to Cannes in May next year.

Stop Motion Pro has been really easy to use. One feature we found really helpful was the onion skinning, which enabled us to judge the degree of movement when animating, speed up an action or slow it down, and of course to put puppets back into position when they fell over on set! We are already planning to use Stop Motion Pro for our next venture, a series of short films about a pampered pussy cat.
- Saranne Bensusan, Director

Please give the Facebook page a like to keep up to date with it as there are lots of behind the scenes stuff – photos, videos and trailers:
The Hunting of the Snark