Eclipse update, February 2015

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Eclipse update, Feb 2015


This is immediately available (February 23, 2015) for all users of Eclipse SD and Eclipse.


New feature: Timelapse

timelapse textposition

Condense time by controlling time interval frame capture of DSLRs and Webcams. Great for clouds scooting across the sky, plants growing and caterpillars moving!

A unique feature of the timelapse is the ability to embed time and date each frame is taken. This is perfect for science experiments and other situations where trackability is required.


Watch a tutorial on this exciting new feature here.



New feature: Copy + paste bitmap


bitmap editor switch

Photoshop / Bitmap copy + paste direct – copy and replace frames in the middle of shooting your animation. This means you can add titles, fades and other effects using image manipulation software like Photoshop, GIMP or Paint. In fact its compatible with pretty much any photo editor!


Watch a tutorial on this exciting new feature here.


More cameras, improvements

Also in the update: minor improvements to DSLR capture speed, playback, timeline editing and more.


New cameras supported:



How to update your copy of Eclipse:


Read all instructions first:


Close Eclipse

Uninstall using Windows control panel

Download and install using your serial number here.

run the installation file on the computer running Eclipse.

Start Eclipse, you will be prompted to get the unlock code.  Read about this process here.


Use the new features!


Network licence users note:

Network users of Eclipse will have to recreate the re-distributable MSI.