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Classic re-imagined



For all of the frame capture I used Stop Motion Pro Eclipse which was great. It’s a very user friendly interface, and I much prefer using a PC based software, rather than a tablet. Functions such as the masking tools, looping functions and onion skinning were very useful and saved a lot of editing time. 
Steve Guinness


Stop Motion Pro used in Production


Steve1My name is Steve Guinness, I work as a secondary school teacher, and in the last couple of years I have been getting interested in stop motion animation. I animate with LEGO, because I love LEGO! and it’s fantastic to animate with, enabling endless creative possibilities. I have also been writing a series of articles for Blocks magazine (A magazine that celebrates everything LEGO, for building, collecting and customising)


My latest animation project was an animated remake of the classic 1969 film “The Italian Job”. It’s one of my favourite films and a classic comedy caper with a great fun car chase and the ultimate cliff hanger ending. I set about planning which scenes I would animate, designed and build all the LEGO vehicles and set, captured the frames, and edited everything. In total I think it probably took around 250 hours!


I use a Logitech quick cam pro 9000 web cam, which allows me to use the focus and other tools within the Stop Motion Pro software.


The final animation can be seen here, and a series of behind the scenes articles can be found in Blocks magazine (issues 12-15). I hope you enjoy watching it!