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Shooting in the streets


Shot on location with Stop Motion Pro Eclipse - "Husk" is a stop motion animation using the real world for sets.


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While collecting paper scraps for her den, Husk, a life size tree spirit, has a shock encounter with some feral fairies in the street-art filled urban environment. Nothing is as it seems as this hypnotic story unfolds.
The music was composed by award winning Bruce Smeaton. The films director is Paul Howell, owner of Stop Motion Pro.

Husk was shot using Stop Motion Pro on location. Council restrictions on equipment such as power generators meant the entire system, supplemental lighting, camera and computer power was all supplied by battery.

It's exciting to see Husk being screened at festivals - coming up in August and September are the Portland Film Festival and also at the Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival in September. Other screenings include the New Hampshire Film Festival in 2104. Paul Howell, Director


on-set"Husk" is a large puppet (1:1 scale), the real world used for sets and existing street lights for illumination. The philosophy behind the film was to allow some unpredictability into the process, keeping the film "alive". This created many challenges for the production team. While filming at night reduced issues of interrupting traffic, it did mean we were often approached by drunken revelers, with the puppet being abducted at one point. Weather was also an issue, several shots were animated during rain showers and wind. A surprising issue was general public interacting with the large puppet, "Husk" was kissed many times by people, which was very odd!

Using Stop Motion Pro on location like this was a real test for the software, we averaged around 1 shot per night, so we were filming for around 3 weeks. It was nice to see the software never failed us during that time. It also proved to be an excellent test bed for tools and features that are to be found in SMP Eclipse.Husk crouch van