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Magic music video

We spoke to Orla McElroy about her music video "Slow Burning" shot with Stop Motion Pro:

For this project, I had to come up with an idea that was cost effective to produce but still visually stimulating. Paper was the ideal solution. The look of the film came from my love of texture - I wanted to try and create beautiful textures in a handmade way. After building a multiplane table to use, I bought hundreds of sheets of white tissue paper and painted them with water colour to get the brightly coloured effects that I needed. Working with the tissue paper was great as you can scrunch and crinkle it to great effect.   

I initially made the puppets out of paper to experiment with joint placement and ensure all the correct body parts could move where I needed them to. I then mounted some of the painted tissue paper onto card for the body parts needed.
The puppet joints are sewn together with a needle and thread, which creates a nice neat joint and is great because you can match thread colour to the puppet. The bird required 12 different wing shapes which I then replaced in frame to create the motion. Stop Motion Pro is so easy to use and really full of useful features. For the wing replacement, the onion skin tool was completely invaluable and meant I could place each wing in exactly the right position to create smooth movement. It is also great to be able to view each frame at full resolution - great for checking focus and any other unwanted bits and pieces in the shot!


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