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Latex puppet making

heroYou can make a highly detailed latex puppet using a "Medium Studio Armature" from Animation Supplies in the UK. These armatures are manufactured by the Oscar™ winning "Se-ma-for" in Poland.


We show you how to create a fully detailed puppet using simple techniques.


There are some credits at the bottom of this article as it uses techniques pioneered by Nick Hilligoss and Michael Parks.


Traditional stop motion puppets are often made using a oven-curing foam latex that forms a "skin" on the outside with a foam filling on the inside. These are fabulous to work with, yet require complex tools and skills to create. We are going to use a different technique that creates a latex skin and fill it out with cushion foam. This technique is simpler and requires little specialized equipment.


It should be noted that some people have an allergy to latex, this techinique is obviously not recommended for latex sensitive people.

Also, gypsum products (used to make molds) create dust and also undergo chemical reactions while setting that can make them extremely alkaline. We strongly recommend you read and follow any safety instructions on the products you use.


 This process does take time, it will take several hours over a few days to make your puppet. There are several stages and you must allow for drying time. This is why the first step is important... planning!   
The head.  The head will be made by firstly building the head around the skull and eyes using oil based clay.  We will then make a two part hard cast of the head, and inside that, make our latex skin...


If you have never cast anything before, we recommend you test your technique and materials out with something simple before you attempt casting your carefully sculpted head.  
The fun bit!  
Building up the layers takes time for the latex to dry. Patience is the key at this step.  
Hair, clothes and eyelid secrets.  





Credits and additional information on this technique:

Big thanks go to these online gurus of puppet making and advice...

Nick Hilligoss

Michael Parks