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We spoke to Anne Terkelsen from the At the BA (Hons) Animation Production course at the Arts University at Bournemouth. She told us about our long association with them...


Our students learn the various aspects of creating an animated film. During the first year they are trained in the core skills necessary to create an animated short which will then prepare them to work as assistants on a graduate production during their second year and finally as senior artists in their own graduate production in their third and final year. From the very first week in their first year the students begin their animation exercises. Although the course has drawing and traditional hand drawn animation at its core both computer animation and stop motion animation is taught alongside the hand drawn animation.


Roots of the Hidden:



AUB 1Since 2006 we have used Stop Motion Pro for our stop motion animation. We use it both for our stop motion exercises and for filming graduate productions. Over the years we have used the programme to create puppet, plasticine and cut-out animations as well as mixed media animations.
From the beginning we have used Stop Motion Pro with Canon DSLR cameras. We currently have six Canon 600Ds and a 550D in use. In addition to this we also use a variety of Dedo lights to light the sets. We also have a motion control rig allowing for computer controlled precision filming allowing our students to create camera moves and work with green and blue screen at a professional level.
Stop Motion Pro is easy to use and crammed full of useful features. Our students particularly love the EVF assist allowing them to use onion skinning. We aim for very high production levels on all of our graduate animations and having professional software like Stop Motion Pro available allows us to do that. As a result our stop motion productions have been consistently screened at festivals and winning prizes in festivals across the world.


In 2011 cut-out animation ‘Roots of the Hidden’ won 1st prize at London International Animation Festival, in 2012 stop motion/2D animation ‘A Life Well-Seasoned’ won 1st prize at Hamburg Animation Awards and at Animabasauri in Spain. And most recently in 2012 stop motion animation Marionette won 1st prize at Tech Ex Cup in China. All graduation animations shot in High Definition using Stop Motion Pro Studio.