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Free sound tracks

free soundtracksDownload dozens of free tracks!

Yes, we are giving a way free sound tracks for you to use in your own animation productions.

These clips are all cut up to use in the multi track audio editor.


The .zip file has three folders:

Sound effects - bangs, creaks, clangs, crunches, toasters, frying, drips, footsteps and pigs going crazy.

Atmospheres - Storms, seasides, spaceships and more.

Music tracks - Happy, mystical, percussive, scary and more!


Download the entire collection here (32 meg zip file)


Alternatively, we have packaged up the audio clips into a self extracting file that puts the audio into your "my music" folder in Windows. Download here.


There are no restrictions on using these clips in animation projects for commercial or non-commercial use.

The audio clips cannot be sold or re-distributed as a resource in their own right, or make up part of another audio library for distribution in any form.

Stop Motion Pro would appreciate a credit in your animations if you do use them, however this is up to your discretion.


Teaching kit

A kit designed for teachers introducing animation techniques can be downloaded here.


Legacy information


Stop Motion Pro v8

Stop Motion Pro v8 Quickstart guide PDF.


Stop Motion Pro v7.5

Stop Motion Pro v7.5 Quickstart guide PDF..
Click here for a self installing application for the Quickstart guide PDF document and Quickstart guide media files. These are installed in c:\program files\Stop Motion Pro v7\Assets\Quickstart directory and can be accessed from the Help menu in Stop Motion Pro.

A PDF of the Stop Motion Pro v7.5 Help file can be downloaded from here.