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Lip Sync Pro is a software application for planning ("breaking down") dialogue for animation.

Breaking down dialogue before filming means you can save time and focus on your characters performance.


Please find a full tutorial on using Lip Sync Pro here



Key benefits:
  • Bring in your dialogue or recordings in a variety of audio formats
  • Assign mouth-shapes to the audio track
  • Use included mouth-sets
  • Create your own mouth-sets
  • Use looping tools and shortcuts for efficient working
  • Intuitive interface with familiar controls
  • Lip sync pro is a "stand alone" product.  You do not have to have Eclipse to start lip syncing dialog.
  • Quicktime MOV, AVI and WMV encoded video files

  • Print out projects to add hand written annotations

  • X-sheet prompt tool / Excel spreadsheet compatible files


Buy now / feature list

 Lip Sync Pro
 Import AVI, MOV, WMV tick  
 Import MP3, WAV tick  
 Bundled mouth sets tick  
 Keyboard shortcuts tick   
 Customizable mouth sets tick  
 Export AVI, MOV, WMV tick  
 Export XLS (spreadsheets) tick  
 Compatible with Eclipse X sheet tick  
 Looping functions tick  
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Postal delivery

Delivery of boxed editions with keypad stickers is available from our online shop.


Information on upgrades from previous versions of Stop Motion Pro is available here.


* Subscription option requires an active internet connection while using the software.


Get started

What to do next:


1. Download the free trial.


2. Choose a camera or import option.


3. Test and use the software, following our tips.


4. Purchase via Paypal or reseller.


5. You will receive a serial number so you can download and unlock your copy of Lip Sync Pro.