Introduction to Eclipse

See how stop motion animation is made using Eclipse, then follow the steps below!

(The puppet is "Flapper", a character on loan to us from the Oscar winning studio, Se-ma-for)

First steps

free trial

Start your animation with a free trail

which camera thumb

What camera should I use?

installation unlock thumb

Installing Eclipse

language thumb

Switch between languages

Start playing

exporting thumb

Exporting / workspace options

timelapse thumb

Condense time with timelapse

mini onionskin

Perfect animation with onionskinning

mini lightsabre

Painting light sabres 

instagram thumb

Shoot square confidently!

mini keypad

Keyboard / keypad shortcuts

mini chromakey

Bluescreen / greenscreen effects

mini multiaudio

Excite your audience with audio

mini blackwidow

Make someone disappear 

mini fps

Faster or slower

mini timeline

Copy and paste in the timeline

Get serious

bitmap thumb

Copy + paste into Photoshop etc.

RGB thumb

Tell-tale RGB values are easy to use

xsheet oct

Lip sync for everyone

mini rig removal

Remove wires and supports

LSP howto thumb

Break down dialogue fast

mini markers

Plan your animation with markers

mini looping

Speed up animating with looping

dual screens thumb

Increase space using dual monitors

mini multiframe

Capture mulitple frames

arduino set directory

Ardino and home directory information