Multiple audio tracks

Create rich soundscapes with multiple audio tracks

Multiple audio tracks

Key benefits:

  • Add an atmosphere or music track with sound effects and dialogue
  • Two audio tracks for versitility
  • Change the volume level of an audio clip
  • Add multiple audio clips on the one track
  • Trim ends of audio clips
  • WAV, mp3 formats


Dozens of free to use audio tracks including music, atmospheres and sound effects are available here.

Record audio

Record audio while playing back animation
audio record1



It is possible to record audio while playing back your animation.


Firstly click your cursor on a clear audio track in Eclipse.


Then locate and click on the record button next to the audio tracks.



audio record2



The Audio recorder window will open.


If you want your animation to playback while recording, click on the "Play animation while recording" icon.  It will be highlighted.  


Select the Device you are going to record.  In this case we are using a USB Logitech headset with microphone.  You can adjust the audio levels using the vertical slider.


When you are ready to record, click on the red record button.  


When you are happy with your recording, click OK.




audio record3


The audio file will appear as a waveform in your audio track.  Click and drag to move where the audio file plays back.

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