What camera should I use?

A camera is used to capture pictures of the subject you want to animate.
A wide range of cameras and capture cards can be used with Eclipse.
For those new to animation:
mini webcam
For a robust, easy solution, we strongly recommend a good quality webcam from Microsoft or Logitech.
For high end students, professionals and studios:
Canon dslr setup
Canon DSLR's
We recommend Canon DSLRs with a mains power adaptor.
nikon dslr long
Nikon DSLR's
We also recommend Nikon DSLRs using a mains power adaptor.
Other options:
Blackmagic Design
Blackmagic Design

It is possible to use video cameras and capture cards from Blackmagic Design.

directoryscan thumb
Directory scan

Perfect for cameras with tethering and scanners.

importfiles thumb
Import images / videos

Import jpeg, png, mov, avi, mp4 and more into your animation.

video cameras thumb
Video cameras

Analogue video and firewire.